Welcome to VORT.

Where do you go, when you would like to socialize, visit shops, cinemas, bars or restaurants? Indeed, to the centre of a village or town. More and more people decided to live close to these facilities. The effect: cities are growing and villages are shrinking. It’s becoming crowded in cities: more people, more traffic, more sound pollution, more air pollution, etc. etc. In order to keep cities agile, new initiatives are inevitable.

VORT is such a new initiative. VORT focalizes on city logistics, on how to make city logistics sustainable. Not by doing research or by developing technological solutions, no, simply by enabling. VORT will combine available research and technology to develop and enable new innovative concepts for smart sustainable city logistics. Why start tomorrow, if you can start today.

VORT has a long experience of project management in the international logistics "from idea to aftercare".  VORT lead extensive international tender projects, projects to remove warehouses abroad, projects to develop new international distribution networks also to large cities in Europe, and greenfield implementation projects of ERP-systems (SAP S4 HANA, AIMMS). VORT shall utilize this experience for the benefit of the quality of live in cities. Every city is different. Therefore VORT provides decision making services to investigate which solution is most appropriate and prepares the decision to be taken. After the decision VORT provides project management services to enable the selected solution.

If you are member of local authorities or a neighbourhood association, and if you share the idea that change in city logistics is required to improve the quality of live in city centres, VORT can be your partner. Let’s find out!

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