Who is VORT?

Job Verhoeven, originator and founder of VORT (resume).

I’m a very motivated en enthusiastic project manager with industrial engineering experience. I developed my experience mainly at FUJIFILM Manufacturing B.V. and FUJIFILM Europe B.V. Great companies, by the way.

The responsibilities grew during my career. The last 8 years I executed projects independently with an increasing scope. I lead project teams and together we performed international transportation tenders (road, multimodal, shortsea), international tenders for logistics service providers (storage, value-added services) and the greenfield implementation of ERP-systems (SAP S4 HANA, AIMMS).

As many people with me I had a growing concern for our environment. But instead of waiting for what is going to happen I decided to do something actively. Because of my experience I decided to take the initiative to make city logistics smarter and more sustainable. I started VORT. My quality is to build bridges and to achieve objectives in a complex environment, together.


The word VORT is used (as a dialect) in the south of the Netherlands and in Flandres, Belgium. It means: "cut the nonsense and start moving foreward!". And this is exactly what I would like to achieve with VORT: stop talking about what will go wrong if we don't interfere, but start acting by using available research and technological solutions. Enabling. Progress. Moving forward.